Rock the Dress

To start our look back at 2010 I've picked a Rock the Dress shoot which was a new service we now offer our  Brides. These shoots have become more and more popular as they give the bride a chance to wear her dress again and to have pictures taken in more quirky and fun location. Sometimes called 'Cherish the Dress' or 'Trash the Dress', either way they're an opportunity for the bride to wear her wedding dress again without all the stress of the wedding. At these shoots the bride can relax and have fun.

The very talented Esther Coombs was one of our first brides to be a part of our Rock the Dress shoot. Esther's and her husband Drew had a vintage inspired wedding with bunting, hay bales, jams and ice cream. Her dress was an original 50s dress with added yellow net detail, truely beautiful.

Love those shoes!

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