It doesn’t feel like Spring with all this rain but the days are getting longer, the daffodils are out and the blossom is starting to shoot. My recent paintings, Rise and Become are a celebration of growth, life and reproduction. 

Become, 2018

Become, 2018

Rise 2018


Rise 2018 5ft x 5ft

Cait and David

I had the pleasure of photographing Cait and David's wedding on Saturday! Love all of the photos of this very photogenic couple!  


Artwork Statement

Joanna Wilkinson, Bluebottle, Sunshine Coast.


Can one understand beauty without understanding pain? Washed up bluebottles, gleaming like jewels in the morning light. The fear of stepping on an electric blue tentacle hidden in the sand. Always pushing boundaries, Joanna brings a spectrum of libertine energy to paint the light we cannot see.

Mentored by the late Albert Irvin RA, he reinforced her confidence in colour. She has produced a body of work representing her desire to capture all that matters.

Summer Exhibition 2017

Back in 2001, after my degree show I successfully got a painting into the Royal Academy, Bristol summer exhibition. Every year since, I have wanted to apply for the RA summer show in London, however I have never been organised enough to remember the February submission date. This year I have made it through to the last 4000! It's an amazing achievement! Whatever the decision, my painting will sit in the RA and be judged and for a little while, it will have its moment! YES!  



New Paintings

Rain or Shine 2017. This painting is an explosion of colour and movement. It tingles and sparkles like rain in the sunshine. 



I have been looking through my portfolio and found all these gorgeous photos of wedding accessories. Choosing the right dress is hard enough, so I thought these ideas might be helpful.

Jenny Packham headband

Jenny Packham headband

Chanel Flower Ring

Chanel Flower Ring

Celia in pearls  

Celia in pearls  

Elegant in Ethiopia  

Elegant in Ethiopia  

Statement earrings

Statement earrings

Barbados Sketches

These are a couple of the sketches I made whilst in Barbados. The balconies of the local housing and the vivid colours of the buildings provided a good shapes to start to reflect the true vibrance of the island.

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Better than Bert and May!

I just spent a fortune on some amazing Bert and May tiles for my house and then I remembered why I am so tile obsessed. In Istanbul there is an amazing white building in the archeology museum full of brilliant blue tiles- love them. 


These were in the Harem in Topkapi Palace.


Ethiopian Wedding


In 2012 I went to Ethiopia to photograph the most amazing wedding. My great friend Kate married Afera from the Gambella region in Ethiopia. We camped around his mother’s mud hut, after travelling for 10 hours from Jimma airport on unmade roads.


Kate had arranged security as many of the local people had not seen Westerners in the flesh before. Kate is photographed here with one of the soldiers.  Afera thinks 2000 local people came to the wedding.  See the gallery of images in the Gallery section.

High Tea of Highgate

Last summer I was asked to photograph the interior of the fabulous High Tea of Highgate. The breif was to capture the wonderful tea shop atmosphere that sends you back in time. Photographing the staff was an absolute pleasure, especially the staged shot of them posing outside.

As well as this I shot the scrumptious tea and cakes, which are so colourful and beautifully decorated it seems a shame to eat them...... But i did and they were glorious! 

Check out the pics on their website
Or even better go check it out yourself.


Sometimes being the center of attention on your wedding day can be a little overwhelming. With all your friends and family wanting to take photos of you and with your photographer wanting to ensure that all the special moments are captured it can wear you out a little and make smiling for the camera as the day goes on exhausting. One way to get about 'photo fatigue' is to use props as the brides in these photos show.

A picnic on the beach is such a great idea if you can squeeze it in to your busy day.


Very popular last year were fake lips and moustaches.


Love these sunglasses!


Any prop works.