About Joanna

I have been making images since I can remember. Colour has always been my thing. Whether shooting images through the lens or painting, capturing the colour of the moment is key. 


I studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores' University and gained a First Class degree in Painting. My painting has always developed from memories and feelings associated with travel and experiences. During my degree I travelled to Australia and learnt to dive and windsurf. I shot loads of images of the sea above, in and underwater. These images and experiences inspired my degree show paintings which were on a cinematic scale inspired by Monets Waterlily series.

Photography is the starting point to my painting but it is also an important tool that captures precious fleeting moments.  Whether photographing my family, a wedding or individual. I enjoy documenting these moments purely and honestly. Ensuring all involved are comfortable and the results are true of that moment in time. 


Below are some of my favourite photos: